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condyloma acuminata nhs

Assiut University Rövid összefoglaló This study compares the safety and efficacy of intralesional Candidal antigen versus Intralesional MMR vaccine versus podophyllin for treatment of genital warts. Részletes leírás Anogenital human papillomavirus HPV is a highly prevalent sexually transmitted infection ,seen predominantly in young adults.

Anesztéziával összefüggő komplikációk: 5.

Condyloma acuminata or benign anogenital warts are typically caused by HPV-6 OR 11 which are considered low risk types. Persistent infection with high risk HPV types predominantly HPV and 18 is the primary and major cause of cervical cancers and a subset of vaginal,vulvar, penileanal ,oropharyngeal and rarely squamous cell carcinoma of the digits.

condyloma acuminata nhs

Anogenital warts may appear as a single lesion or in clusters as flat, flesh-coloured to pigmented condyloma acuminata nhs or rough-surfaced papules and exophytic nodules.

The conventional modalities in treatment of warts include destructive therapies such as salicylic acid, trichloroacetic acid, cryotherapy, silver nitrate, phenol, cantharidin, surgical interventions and lasers; antiproliferative agents such as bleomycin, podophyllin, podophyllotoxin, and 5-fluro uracil; antiviral agents such as cidofovir and retinoids.

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Because of the cumbersome nature of these procedures and a high risk of recurrence, immunotherapy is becoming more and more popular, especially in the treatment of refractory cutaneous and genital warts.

It enhances recognition of the virus by the immune system.

Immunotherapy in warts can be administered by various methods. The first method is topical application of certain inorganic molecules that are capable of eliciting a contact hypersensitivity hpv a nőknél mit jelent with secondary activation of an immunological response.

condyloma acuminata nhs

A third method is Intralesional injection of immunotherapeutic agent that utilizes the ability of the immune system to condyloma acuminata nhs a delayed type hypersensitivity response to various antigens and also the wart tissue leading to production of Th1 cytokines which activate cytotoxic and natural killer cells to eradicate HPV infection.

Immunotherapy with different skin test antigens like Candida, mumps or trichophyton antigen is a relatively new treatment option for warts. Candida antigen reported success in majority of patients treated with this test antigen.

condyloma acuminata nhs

Mumps, measles and rubella MMR vaccine is a freeze-dried preparation of live attenuated strains of measles, mumps and rubella viruses 0. In some of the previous studies, it has been shown that mumps-measles-rubella MMR vaccine results in regression of warts via immunomodulation and induction of immune system.

condyloma acuminata nhs

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